67 new photos from the George Hill Archive are now available!

Over 250 photographs are displayed on the 6 Singles pages.  The page list is to the left.  Each SINGLES page has 2 subpages.  Click on each one to scroll through the pages and see them all.  Scroll down this page to view to first SINGLES page.

Photos are numbered based on which concert they are from.  The first two digits of the number represents the concert.  Example:  Photo # 0821 is from Set # 8, March 5, 1974 Auburn, AL.  See the Concert List or Concert Set pages to cross reference the number system.

Each photo is 4 x 6 inch, matte finish.

Single prints are $1.50 each, or 15 prints for $20.  Order 25 or more for $1.00 each.  Postage in the USA and CANDA is $2.62 for 10 photos.  International shipping is $3.36 for 10 photos.  We will combine shipping when ordering multiple sets.  Please email us with any questions before ordering.

We hope you enjoy the photos.    -  Derek Phillips

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