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Harold Jean Newton

July 23, 1939  -  June 10, 2009

Harold J. Newton will be forever known as one of the great Elvis Presley concert photographers.   He was born in Kannapolis, NC.  By the time Elvis's popularity swept the nation in 1956, Harold was a teenager, and was captivated by the sound of Rock n Roll that was coming from Memphis, TN.    That same year, Harold join the Coast Guard, two years later Elvis went into the Army.    While Elvis returned in 1960, Harold finished his Duty in 1961 and moved to Walla Walla, WA to begin work at a large Grocery chain, Winn Dixie, where he would work for the next 7 years.  Elvis went to Hollywood and made a string of movies during that time but in 1968....   both of them took a new course that would change their lives forever.

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Name: Kim Teel Crockett
Date: 12/14/2013
Message: Thank you for this tribute to my Uncle Harold. His former wife Donna is my mom's sister. I was fortunate enough to see Elvis at his first and only Maine concert in May 1977, I was only 9 years old but I remember it like it was yesterday. Harold was with us and my Mom gave Elvis a stuffed red lobster with all our names listed on it. Elvis in turn gave mom a scarf, which see treasures to this day.

Name: Paolo De Ciancio
Date: 03/13/2013
Message: Great story to read. He did good.

Name: Dan DeVite; Masury,OH
Date: 09/21/2012
Message: Derek: I just read your tribute to Mr. Newton and I was deeply moved. Thank you.

Name: Sandy Campbell
Date: 05/03/2012
Message: I did not know Harold personally but he took great concert Pictures of Elvis.Thank you Harold for the beautiful pictures you've taken over the years......

Name: Paul Sebo
Date: 10/16/2011
Message: I used to love corresponding with Harold. He sent me many great photos and articles. Than you Harold. God bless you.

Name: sc.steven.Chew@gmail.com
Date: 09/15/2011
Message: In the early 70's when I was a teenager in Malaysia,I started corresponding with Harold and Donna. I would sent them Elvis records from Malaysia and they would send me great Elvis photos of Elvis and Las Vegas billboards, hotel menus, etc. I never knew that Harold took all these great photos himself until now. I recognise most of the photos. I remember writing to his nephew once when I came across something about Harold's Elvis collection been auctioned. I am very saddened to learn that he has passed away in 2009. I was in Memphis in 2007 for the 30th anniversary but never got to meet him or Donna. BUt reading the articles below and learning what he has done for his brother and the Border Patrol, I am sure Elvis would have been very proud of him. He is such a decent human being and I pray that he is finally enjoying the presence of Elvis once again. Take care, 'long lost friend. Steven

Name: Andrea Primomo, Italia
Date: 08/03/2011
Message: I pay my respect to a man who with his photos make possible to relieve Elvis in concert for all the people like me that were too young and too distant to see Elvis in person.

Name: Kari Paju
Date: 07/13/2011
Message: Thank you, Derek, for this nice tribute to Harold Newton. I got to know him in 2004 when I started to buy Elvis photos from him. He was always very, very nice to me. He was very friendly and even started sending me Elvis clippings from newspapers at his own expense. Unfortunately, I did not get to meet him in person. But I always remember him fondly when I´m looking at his wonderful Elvis photos.

Name: joanne r young 6-26-2011
Date: 06/26/2011
Message: thanks for all you did for tcb for elvis fan club-gastonia nc. you were a friend to all elvis fans. we love and miss you/

Name: Bob Heis
Date: 06/22/2011
Message: In life, you are issued a one way ticket. With it you are allowed to choose your own destination and at the end you'll be judged for what you left behind. One thing I know about Harold Newton, he had one hell of a great ride and aside from his personal accomplishments (which were many), he left the world with a multitude of friends and a great number of admirers who loved his photography of Elvis Presley. I'm proud to say I am both friend and admirer. Harold, you are greatly missed. God Bless.






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