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The last remaining photo sets from Harold Newton's Collection are now viewable.  Click on the photo above to go to the Set List for more information.

67 NEW photos from 23 concerts are now available from the George Hill Archive.

Please click on the George Hill Single Prints tab at the top of this page to view over 250 photos that are not available in Sets.

The May release of the FTD double CD, SHOWTIME!, is the latest CD to display George Hill's photography on the cover.  His photos are also in the booklet that comes with this release.  We would like to thank Roger Semon for making this possible.  By searching for actual photos that were taken at the concerts that FTD releases, and by giving credit to the original photographers who shot the photos, when possible, it shows the level of quality that FTD provides.  In many Elvis projects these days, books, CDs, DVDs, it is becoming more common that the original photographers are not receiving the credit they so deserve.  The norm is to STEAL these images, without permission or giving credit to their work.  So it's VERY HONORABLE to have these photos displayed on a official release, where they CARE enough and respect the work of the photographers of the 70's concerts, to give them their due credit.

SHOWTIME! is a 2 CD release, with concerts from December 28, 1976 in Dallas, TX and December 29, 1976 in Birmingham, AL.  This CD set comes with an 8 page booklet.



Rockin' Across Texas

This is the newest FTD release to feature photos from photographer George Hill.  As with "Dixieland Delight", this 2-CD release has a G. Hill photo as the cover!!  We are very excited to provide several photos from this collection for the cover and the accompanying booklet that comes with this set.

The CDs will be released on October 26, 2009.  It contains 2 live concerts:  Amarillo, Texas, June 19, 1974 and Ft. Worth, Texas, July 3, 1976.  The Hill photos are from Ft. Worth.


Above L to R:

Sue McCasland, Keith Alverson, Sandi Pichon (holding a photo of George Hill), Derek Phillips, the late Joyce Biddie Hulsey and Harold Newton


Below L to R:

Derek Phillips (holding a photo of George Hill), Harold Newton, Sandi Pichon and Keith Alverson

(photos provided by Sandi Pichon  -  THANK YOU!!)

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05-20-06:  Coming Soon ---  The next Archive to be released from the George Hill Collection will be the July 4, 1976 Bicentennial performance in Tulsa, OK!  There are over 90 photographs in this archive, with nearly 90% being unreleased.  Check back in the coming weeks for more information on this SET and any future plans and events.

12-01-05:  The Complete Archive of the  12-30-76 Atlanta, GA concert is now available.        

05-03-05:  Coming May 25, 2005 - BEHIND THE LEGEND.  An often requested set of photos of ELVIS - from behind.  Newly restored, in "living, loving color".  15 photos - 15 different jumpsuits from '74 - '77.

04-01-05:  The next concert archive to be released will be the 4-24-75 concert from Macon, Ga.  There will be over 110 photos from this concert, 98% have never been released!  If you attended this performance and would like to submit your story, please contact me.

This will be the last concert archive to be released for some time.   Several other projects are underway!  There will continue to be NEW, UNRELEASED photos available in the coming months.  

There have been some requests for photo enlargements.  If you are a collector of 8x10 prints or larger, please reply with feedback on this matter.  There is a limited amount of 8x10 prints available, but a demand for larger prints may increase that amount and require a special section on this site.  Your feedback will determine the outcome.

11-15-04:  Now available - The COMPLETE PONTIAC ARCHIVE !

10-15-04:  Soon to be released, the COMPLETE ARCHIVE of the Pontiac, MI December 31, 1975 New Years' Eve concert.  With over 150 photos, this set will include some surprising shots of:  Elvis in 2 different jumpsuits, Opening Acts-The Sweets and J. D. Sumner and The Stamps, a shot of the complete stage with the house lights on...BEFORE the show!!!   Digital restoration of this entire SET is nearing completion.  This Special Offer will be available on November 15, 2004.

  • 10-12-04:  Ahead of schedule, Set 24A is NOW available!  See the CONCERT LIST page for new listing and photo!

  • 07-12-04:  NOW AVAILABLE, 10 new color photos from the Auburn, AL March 5, 1974 performance.  All photos are previously unreleased and have been digitially restored to their ultimate quality!!

  • 5-01-04:  IIC is now accepting payment through PAYPAL!!!!  Please email me before you confirm your paypal payment.

  •  5-07-04:  RAISED ON ELVIS! ELVIS! ELVIS!   A new book by Sandi Pichon.  In between the time she sat with him on his motorcycle at his Audubon Drive home until the day she stood weeping by his coffin inside Graceland, Sandi was front row and center for ELVIS concerts all over the country. As a pre-teen in Memphis, she was there to witness a regional attraction which become a national obsession; she devoted years of her adult life to being part of his global audience, and has since dedicated herself to charities that pay homage to his iconic memory. Through several chance meetings with ELVIS himself and friendships with his inner circle Sandi was close enough to feel for the wonderful man that was living in the shadow of his awesome reputation.  PLEASE CLICK ON THE PHOTO BELOW TO ORDER THIS BOOK!!
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